Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation helps fight childhood cancer.  Very close friends of the Care for the Cure family, the Abate's help Ryan Cranston present a $5,000 check as part of last years tournament festivities.

We are 100% volunteer, 100% donation, with minimal operations costs your sponsorship money will make a huge impact! Become a part of Team Caroline and proudly say "I care!"  The Care for the Cure Foundation donates ALL of the profit from it's events to like-minded non-profit organizations.  This year we are hosting the 6th Annual Care for the Cure Lacrosse tournament in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Kelsey Klassic for our Fall event schedule.  We are expecting 50+ teams at the tournaments with, 20-25 players per team.  These teams include age groups including teens, young professionals, and adults.  This year’s event will directly associate with 3,000+ people throughout the weekend, and thousands more throughout the year.  Teams, family, and friends will be arriving Friday evening, and Saturday morning.  Thanks to a full weekend of events, they will stay in the local area through Sunday late afternoon.  Proceeds for the tournament will benefit the Care for the Cure Foundation, Kelsey’s Legacy, and various other non-profit organizations. Through your generous donation and sponsorship, the spirit and vision of Caroline and Kelsey’s Legacy lives on.

Each year the Care for the Cure Foundation raises funds for the Caroline Gallagher Memorial fund.  Over the past 4 years we have donated $20,000 to the fund.  This fund is setup as a scholarship in Caroline's name for a West Chester Henderson student.



Beneficiaries of past funds include Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS), The Caroline Gallagher Cranston Memorial Fund, The Kelsey Kramer Scholarship Fund, Kelsey’s Legacy, Owen J. Roberts Wildcat Lacrosse, OJR Wildcats Wrestling, The Olivet Boys & Girls Foundation, The Be the Match Foundation, The Headstrong Foundation, The Coco Foundation, and the B+ Foundation.  Help us fight for others as we create a true community event.  We are proud to have grown in each of the past 6 years, thanks to businesses like yours.

If interested in sponsoring an event, the foundation, or just making a contribution please fill out the form on the Contact us tab.  One of our volunteers will get back to you with more information!  

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